Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will my order arrive?
A: Your order will typically take a minimum of 2 weeks to produce, which is in addition to the transit time, determined by USPS and the shipping method you choose.

If you need your singlet by a specific date please send us an email as soon as you place your order, or even before. We try to accommodate rushes, but please give us as much notice as possible.

Q: How can we contact you?
A: If you need assistance, email or visit our contact page.

Please send only one email at a time. When we get several separate emails per customer our inbox fills, and it can take a while to read through them! If you don't get a response within a couple of days send another email in the same email thread. This time of the year we are very busy and it can take us a few days to respond.

Visit our Twitter page, follow us and share us with your friends! Once we reach 500 likes we will randomly select one lucky twitter follower to receive a custom designed singlet for free!

Q: How do I put my logo/name on a singlet.
A: We can only print text and images on sublimated singlets. We can not print on cut and sew singlets from our Cut and Sew Design Studio. If you'd like a sublimated singlet with your logo, text, colors and patterns send us an email with your ideas and we will design a preview for you. Custom sublimated singlets cost around $70.00 each plus shipping.

Q: How do I put a character's image or catchphrase on my singlet? (such as comic book, or movie character or professional athlete)
A: We can not use any images, phrases, or names of copyright characters, athletes, or celebrities on our singlets. We would be happy to design something with a similar theme for you though, so send us an email with your ideas!

Q: My transaction failed, I don't know why, and I see a charge in my bank account.
A: If you don't receive a 4 digit order # that means we did not receive an order from you, or a payment. There are several reasons that this may have happened. Check all information to make sure it's correct and matches. If your billing and shipping address do not match that may cause an issue. If your order isn't being accepted because of information issues we suggest paying with Paypal, instead of a credit or debit card. Our website is not compatible with mobile devices, so try placing your order on a laptop or desktop computer. Some internet browsers do not work well with our system, so try switching. We use Google Chrome successfully! If you see a charge on your bank account, don't worry! When you begin a transaction your bank account withholds the funds in anticipation of the transaction completing. When the transaction fails it can take a couple of days for your account to realize this, and show that the funds are available. We don't receive a payment until a transaction successfully completes.

Q: How should singlets be cared for?
A: Singlets are made of a fabric that will snag when brushed against abrasive surfaces. Bleachers, Velcro from headgear, a brick wall and other surfaces can cause the singlet to snag. Please be mindful of where you sit, lean against, and how to store your singlet!

Q: What size should I order?
A: See the following chart:

  • YS up to 35 lbs,
  • YM 35-55 lbs,
  • YL 55-75 lbs,
  • YXL 75-95 lbs,
  • S 95-120 lbs,
  • M 120-160 lbs,
  • L 160-200 lbs,
  • XL 200-250 lbs,
  • 2XL 250-285 lbs


Please note: Weight range is approximate. Actual fit will vary depending on body type. If you need a singlet customized for a wider body, or longer torso, please visit the custom singlet design studio to order a singlet designed to fit your body type.